Announcing the Digma Beta: First Runtime Linter for Java Code

Your code has something to tell you

Roni Dover
2 min readMay 23, 2023

Call for Developers

We are looking for senior Java developers who are interested in exploring how to use observability to improve their code to join the beta program for Digma: a free runtime linter plugin for Jetbrains/Java.
Digma analyzes your code in runtime, improving coding practices and confidence when working on complex Java code.

The plugin runs locally and doesn’t require sharing data.

We have 20 slots currently open for the beta — sign up here!

What you’ll gain 💪

  1. Experience in applying OTEL (OpenTelemetry) and Jaeger tracing to improve Java code
  2. Recognized contribution to a Java project
  3. Optionally, an opportunity to contribute to related OSS projects
  4. Help create a tool that will improve developer happiness
  5. Some cool swag… (TShirt, stressballs and more )🦇

Requirements to apply ✅

  1. Using Jebtrains IDEA (any edition)
  2. Developing in Java, on most platforms except for Quarkus (currently not supported)
  3. Passion for innovation and new coding tools and practices

What will be required from you?

  1. Installing the plugin and developing alongside it
  2. Participating in a quick 30-minute weekly Zoom meeting for about three weeks, at a time that works for you, to provide your ideas thoughts, and feedback

Use this link to sign up for the beta!

Roni, Nir and the Digma team



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